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Ecologically Responsible Construction

Sorgente proudly leads the way in innovative, ecologically responsible construction. We believe in giving new life to old structures: many of our major projects re-use on-site materials. We also rely upon locally-sourced materials, such as regional wood and stone, and the expertise of area craftsmen when completing our ambitious restoration and design projects. These steps ensure that we minimize environmental impact and that our projects leave a light footprint in our neighborhoods.

waste streams

Being mindful of waste production is a vital part of sustainable living. Our residents can choose recycling, sidecycling, and upcycling.

Carbon negative cement

A new type of cement for a low-carbon future. Carbon negative cement is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Materials

Regionally Sourced Marble

Our buildings use renowned Danby marble, a type of white marble found in famous projects and works of art around the world. Like our other materials, it is beautiful, durable and sustainable.

Give new life to old structures

Regionally Sourced Wood

History is written in lines, in curves, in branches. Reclaimed wood from the Hudson Company brings history and character into our projects with hand-worked materials and local sources.

Energy efficient

Energy-efficient home design

At Sorgente, we are renowned for our creative work with energy-efficient home design. With global energy consumption on the rise, efficient cooling and heating systems are more important than ever. Sustainable construction is a hallmark of Sorgente’s future. High-performance windows, smart sockets, revolutionary on-site developments in clean energy, and innovations in water and air circulation systems are merely some of the energy-efficient features of our properties. Energy-efficient construction isn’t simply a benefit for the owner; it’s a benefit for generations to come.

High Performance Windows

Passive house design greatly reduces the amount of energy required for heating and cooling a residence. It is a dynamic solution for an eco-conscious world.

green walls

Throughout the building, living green walls of air-filtering plants create a purified environment. The air is circulated throughout the project via an HVAC system to create a toxin-free, sustainable living space.


Smart Solar Solutions

The use of photovoltaic materials in roofs, canopies, facades, and other exposed areas allows for clean energy production from the sun.

Reductive Solutions

Re-thinking kitchens

Modern luxury blends design and discipline. Amenities such as induction cooktops are functional, elegant, and energy efficient.