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About Us

Our History

For over 100 years Sorgente Group has been dedicated to precision in our craft. From our early inception in Italy to our work today on some of America’s most recognizable and historic buildings, we have always had a deep passion for architecture and beauty. A family company passed down for four generations, we are more than real estate developers – we are curators of architectural wonder.

Architectural Grandeur in a Distinctly Contemporary Way

Sorgente Development has always focused on quality and composition to bring together a portfolio of historic trophy and beauty buildings. Selecting buildings that have historic and architectural relevance is at the core of our beliefs. The mission to revive the souls of these venerable and esteemed landmarks is what fuels our passion and drives us to create the most sustainable and creative solutions in the industry today.


After being Founded in Italy in 1910, Sorgente Group decided to branch our across the ocean and open its American arm in 1919. Sorgente Group of America distinguished itself in the New York real estate market by building multi-story steel structures- the very types of structures that gave New York its signature skyline.


Participated in the construction of major buildings.

The 20s


Valter Mainetti reorganized the American and Italian companies under the Sorgente Group trademark. Today the Group has three holding companies, one of which is Sorgente Group of America Corporation, with its headquarters in New York and which has carried out important transactions under Veronica Mainetti’s leadership.


MREC is the company that handled the acquisition, amongst others, of the purchase and sale of the Chrysler Building and the purchase of the Flatiron Building in New York, the Fine Arts Building in Los Angeles and the Clock Tower Building in Santa Monica.

The 90s & 00s


Establishment of Sorgente Asset Management LLC, which will manage the US REIT that is currently in the process of being established.


Establishment of Sorgente do Brasil Gestão de Recursos and Sorgente Brasilinvest Empreendimento Imobiliários, respectively the asset management company specialized in real estate funds and property management company.

The 2010s